We're looking for designers, makers, developers, creatives, producers and more to join our team in Barcelona.
Do you want to design, develop and make things on the cutting edge of technology, culture and activism? 

Make the future happen
Fab Lab Barcelona is a place where you can make almost anything.

We create tools and platforms that move us towards a world we all want to see.

If you're curious about either design, making, data visualisation, developing or all of the above, this is the place for you !
We are looking for thinkers, makers, designers, developers.

Maybe you're really good at one, or amazing at all of those - if you want to get involved - leave your details below!
Easy questions first...

What's your first name? *

...and surname? *

Do you have a European passport or a working / student visa? *

Now.. the good stuff...

What are you good at? *

Are you into any of these? *

These are some of the things we work with the most - you can learn when you start too, but right now - let us know what you're already good at.. if there's others let us know.

What's your academic background?

We have people here from art, design, computer science, languages, engineering, history, journalism and a bunch of other backgrounds - which one are you?
Got some work you can show? *

Personal website, blog, social.. anything that can help us figure you out a little.
and a LinkedIn account?

Not necessary.. but would be nice
Finally a tough one...

Why the FabLab?

Seriously, though. What's in it for you? (Only has to be as long as a tweet...)
What's the earliest date that you can start? *

There will be an in person interview first.. but just so we know ;)
That's it!

That wasn't so bad! Leave it with us and we'll get back in touch with you
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